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[vc_row height=”small” width=”full”][vc_column][vc_column_text]În articolul precedent am vorbit despre Tourismusschulen Bad Gleichenberg din Austria, iar astăzi vom vorbi despre Webster University Geneva cu Mark Hutton, Associate Director of Recruitment and Admissions.

How would you describe Webster University?

Typically, public universities have much larger classes. Webster University, Geneva is a private institute with the guarantee of smaller class sizes and a tailor made, interactive approach with the professors. Small class sizes allow closer interactivity with the professor allowing case studies and presentations to be carried out in small teams.

In addition to the blend of full time and adjunct faculty members for every program, Webster University, Geneva keeps an average class size of 15-20 students and the professors bring both theory and practice to the class-room. With up to 90 nationalities studying on the campus at any one time, students quickly learn other cultures and will be fully prepared with the skills required for a successful future whether it be in Switzerland, Europe or across the globe.

Webster has a stunning campus with its own state of the art classrooms, an on-site restaurant, library, student lounges, fitness center and full support staff ranging from full-time heads of programs and academic advisors, to professional staff in Student Affairs, Residence Life and Events. There is also an array of counselling staff for personal issues outside of the classroom, student ambassadors and student leaders in the campus housing. Webster, Geneva is the only private university in the entire region with on site accommodation and a hall of residence in the center of Geneva.

The Webster campus in Geneva is conveniently located to allow local major speakers to make a quick trip and showcase their companies or give inspiring talks and host conferences. The events team also do an excellent job in organizing activities that take place almost every week to create a family oriented environment away from home.

Why do you think students should go for Webster University?

At Webster University, Geneva, there a huge number of benefits that are not offered elsewhere. We are proud to be an international campus of Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri based in the United States, offering Bachelor, Master Degree programs and executive education. We have institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) who is one of the main regional accreditors and recognized by both CHEA and the United States Department of Education. This institutional accreditation has allowed Webster students to be accepted after their graduation into other top graduate programs here in Switzerland at the University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, for example and further afield to places like Kings College London, LSE and NYU and many more across Europe, the US and worldwide.

Possessing both institutional and program accreditations and being part of a large network of international campuses allows students to travel between continents grasping a truly international experience.

At Webster, a student could start in Geneva, transfer to our campus in Thailand and finish in the United States. Hundreds of study abroad students from Webster or its academic partners also benefit by studying here in Geneva every year for 1 or 2 semesters, by starting at any one of the 5 entry intakes during the year.

What are your top programs of studies?

Webster University, Geneva has an excellent range of Bachelor and Master Degrees covering Business and Technology, Finance, International Relations, Media Studies and Photography, Computer Science, Psychology and Counselling. Many of our master in Healthcare Management students are at the forefront of the COVID-19 healthcare battle. A large component of our bachelor programs is the Global Citizenship Program (or GCP) that encompasses a large array of liberal arts subjects that will equip you with critical thinking, communication, creative research and problem solving skills. 

What about your campus locations?

Our main international campus is located in Geneva, Switzerland, renowned as an international hub, often recognized for its famed political neutrality and international organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization or the World Economic Forum. It has prestige from its history and culture from banking and watchmaking to chocolates and cheeses and all, its known Swiss Quality and safety.

It is consistently placed in the top 5 within official rankings for globally ranked cities providing the best quality of life. Research has shown that students choose the destination as one of the key factors when deciding on a university. Geographically, Geneva is situated at the heart of Europe allowing flight times of approximately 1 hour to Paris, Rome, Barcelona or London for weekend visits.

The campus in Geneva is situated overlooking Lake Geneva or Lac Léman as it is locally known. The campus has a bus or short train ride directly from both Geneva airport and from the Centre of Geneva in less than 10 minutes. As a student, it may be the first time away from family but it’s also the time to venture off to places with new friends. Students can go paddle boarding on the lake in the summer or discover the Swiss Alps when skiing or snowboarding.

What about entry requirements at Webster University?

Please, feel free to contact Premium Edu for these details!

Tell me more about Bachelor/Master/MBA studies. I’ve heard good things about your Business program.

Our business programs are renowned for creating business minded leaders, this is demonstrated by the large majority of students in employment during or shortly after their studies. As a university, we also offer many other fields mentioned earlier, such as Computer Science, International Relations, Psychology and the possibility to combine majors and obtain professional certificates during the program and no extra cost or duration.

What about student grants and loans? Any scholarships?

It is also important to note that Webster University, Geneva focuses on rewarding high quality, hard-working students who have kept a GPA above 3.5 out of 4.0.  The scholarship committee offers our most exceptional students with an ‘invitation-only’ opportunity to join the Scholars Program—which comes with a partial scholarship–as an incentive to reach and maintain very high academic standards. Scholarships are on a merit and financial need basis only and can range up to 25% off total tuition.

What are the jobs perspective after studies?

Webster University in Geneva can provide a guarantee that you will get all of the tools and guidance to get the best possible start in life as an undergraduate or boost your network and strengthen your skills further on our graduate programs. This is down to the tireless efforts by our highly skilled internship and alumni departments who this year have had more internship offers than students available to fill the vast number of places, this is a very promising dilemma to have. The track record in finding jobs afterwards is unprecedented. We have an excellent track record with companies in the region and actually had more internship offers than places to fill last year. Typically international students use their skills obtained in Switzerland to use back in their home country but for those who have stayed, internships or jobs have been found in Richemont, SITA, World Health Organization, Nissan Infiniti, Christie’s, Thomson Reuters, Novartis, de Grisogono, United Nations and many, many more. More information can be obtained from our admissions or careers office.