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[vc_row height=”small” width=”full”][vc_column][vc_column_text]În articolul precedent am vorbit despre New York Film Academy, iar astăzi vom vorbi despre Esmod Paris cu Edwin Hermel, Charge de Communication Esmod.

How would you describe ESMOD?

Founded in 1841 in the city of fashion that is Paris, ESMOD is a school that established itself throughout the ages as the reference in the fashion world. It anticipated in the evolution of its time to offer a complete program of undergraduate and graduate levels that cover the fashion industry with fashion design and fashion business. The 5 key words that describe the school are: Creation, creativity, technical, innovation, and Know-How.

ESMOD is also a network of 20 schools within 13 countries, a publishing house and a professional training Institution focused on tomorrow’s Fashion throuhgh Innovation, Sustanability and mix of skills.

Why do you think students should go for ESMOD?

  • For the RECOGNITION of its TEACHING > Diplomas State accredited with Level 6 (Bachelor programs) ans Level 7 (Master programs),  registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP). European Credit System, to make recognition of qualifications and international mobility easier.
  • FOR ITS UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK > Cultural diversity within ESMOD with over 70 different nationalities in each year group 50% of international students. A schools network worldwide (20 schools in 13 countries). ESMOD is a member of Campus France and ERASMUS+  program to facilitate, develop and promote our students’ mobility internationally.
  • FOR ITS SUPPORT IN ACHIEVING PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: A professional database of 22,000 referenced contacts in nearly 9,000 companies (in France and internationally) that send us many Internship and job offers. Recruitment partnerships (INDITEX, Best Montain…). In consequence : an excellent placement rate with 90% of students who find work within 6 months following their end-of-study internship. 

What about entry requirements at ESMOD?

For our Bachelor programs, no prerequisites are required, apart from the Baccalaureate (or equivalent secondary school degree in your country), motivation and a touch of fashion knowledge. Our Master’s programs requires a Bac +3 (or equivalent higher education degree) in Fashion Design on the design side or any area in business on the fashion business side. Access to these degree programs are subject to evaluation based on your personal dossier and an individual motivational interview. 

Tell me more about Bachelor/Master/MBA studies. I’ve heard good things about your Fashion program.

ESMOD offer 4 graduate programs : 2 Bachelors et 2 Masters, both state accredited with level 6 & 7 (. 

Bachelors >

The « FASHION DESIGNER » graduate program is a 3-year cursus split into two equal parts: Design and Pattern-Making; design being the creative design process and pattern-making dealing with construction by flat pattern-making or by draping. It is the combination of these two disciplines that gives the ESMOD methodology its added value, offering graduates complete expertise both technically and artistically.

Training goals: To be able to design and make clothing and accessory collections in a variety of fields, specializing in a specific market in the last year of study. 

The « DIRECTOR OF COMMERCIAL FASHION AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGY » graduate program is a 3-year business school-type cursus, with specialisation in Marketing & Communication applied to the fashion and lifestyle sector.

Training goals : Explore and develop a personal fashion culture ; learn about fashion marketing and communication, understand today’s commercial imperatives and anticipate those of the future ; learn how to interact with all parties involved in the management, legal affairs and logistics of a business; acquire professional experience through company internships which occupy a central place in the syllabus and enable students to orient themselves in their chosen career.

Masters > 

The « CREATIVE DIRECTOR » postgrad program is a 2-year course focused on the conceptualization of a collection, overseeing it at each stage of production and constructing the brand’s business plan.

Training goals : to develop an innovative concept for a brand’s identity ; simulate the market launch of that brand and then access a management position on a creative team to lead the project.

The « MANAGER OF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN FASHION & LUXURY INDUSTRY » postgrad program is a 2-year course that trains future high-level managers for marketing & sales director positions within the French fashion and luxury industry in an international context.

Training goals : To conceive, put into practice and ensure the performance of global marketing strategies for the development of fashion and luxury businesses internationally ; to master the process of developing a fashion and luxury collection, from creation to marketing, alongside a designer ; to define and draw up business plans relating to the sales and marketing development of brands internationally, in accordance with strategic and opportunity studies for the international development of fashion and luxury brands ; to design communication strategies and manage the image of fashion and luxury brands in international markets ; to direct activities and manage marketing and sales teams in fashion and luxury companies.

In parallel with our degree programs, ESMOD also offers shorter term courses :

A one-year intensive program equivalent to the first two years of the “Fashion Designer” undergraduate program, giving direct access to the third and final year of the program is one such option. This course is ideal for students who are reorienting their academic or professional trajectory.

The 6-month Foundation Program is an immersion in the heart of French and Parisian “Fashion and Arts” culture. This program, taught in English, is ideal for international students who wish to discover French culture and learn more about the specificities of our other fashion courses before starting a degree program.

We also offer evening courses (1 year) and summer courses (1 month) which serve as an introduction to Fashion Design, Pattern-Making and Fashion Business. These courses are ideal for people who want to incorporate fashion as a hobby in their lives.

ESMOD is also a professional training institution that provides numerous “à la carte” training options for fashion professionals wishing to study specific aspects of fashion. These courses are ideal for companies wishing to develop the skills of their employees or for designers wishing to get their brand to the next level.

What about student grants and loans? Any scolarships?

As a private school, ESMOD cannot offer financial aid to students, however the school has established partnerships with several banks in order to provide student loans at attractive rates. In addition, students are often invited to enter international competitions, including the Kobe Fashion Contest, which finance the education of the winners.

What are the jobs perspective after studies?

ESMOD offers 2 training domains : Fashion Design et Fashion Business. So, carres are very various: DESIGN AND CREATION PROFESSIONS (Designer, artistic Director, Trends Manager…) ; DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION PROFESSIONS ( Pattern maker, Collection Manager, Product Developer…); COMMERCIAL PROFESSIONS


(Visual merchandiser, press Manager, International media branding  manager…); PRODUCT MARKETING PROFESSIONS

(Product Manager, Head of Marketing, online Merchandiser…). 

Today, more than anything else, versatility is the key word when it comes to professional development. A good designer must be aware of the business aspect of creating a collection, just as much as someone in marketing must be intimately aware of the process behind the product they are selling. It is essential that everyone broadens their vision of fashion. This is why ESMOD offers a “hybrid” curriculum that blends Design and Business aspects in order to multiply the employment opportunity of our students.

Additionally, with a network of 20,000 contacts in nearly 9,000 companies, a job search platform where professionals post their internship and job offers, and support for students with the help of insider guides, it is not surprising that nearly 90% of our students find a job within 6 months of graduation.

Other good things to know…

For several years now, EMSOD has been focusing its educational efforts in innovative and sustainable fashion. On the innovation side, ESMOD has joined think tanks involving fashion and engineering schools to consider establishing collaborations between designers and engineers to have science serve fashion. Following this initiative, ESMOD recently opened a digital classroom enabling students to master the tech tools that are being utilized more and more by fashion brands. (i.e. 3D printer, Modaris System CAD software, etc.)

ESMOD also remains committed to developing sustainability by demonstrating better practices in the creative process. For example, educational projects, which integrate aspects of sustainability such as zero waste, upcycling, etc. as part of the criteria, have been adopted into the curriculum. We have also initiated a “detox” day focused on ethical and sustainable fashion featuring a round table discussion with a panel of industry professionals as well as stands where designers and manufacturers presented their eco-conscious projects. This is an ideal way to raise student awareness and that of the general public when it comes to positive possibilities for the fashion of tomorrow.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]