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[vc_row height=”small” width=”full”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Am stat de vorbă cu Michael Raț, BHMS Switzerland 2019 Alumni, Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts.

“I present myself as a young professional friendly chef. I would like to be able to share everything that is in my heart and mind about my vision of food.
I am a chef who wants to inspire with his hard work, originality, compassion, and care. When it comes to food, I have this connection with it, like I almost owe everything that I have to those ingredients. And I always have this question in my mind: How can I achieve the maximum potential from the ingredients? How can I make it standout? How can I use everything that it has to offer me? Since I graduated the post-graduate culinary program at BHMS, I promised myself that I will push my talent and never stop discovering flavors and new culinary techniques. I have worked for a while in Denmark and I have learned how to extract the full potential from vegetables and fruits and how important the freshness of the product is.

When I came home to Romania, I started to work in my hometown – Baia Mare, at a family friendly Buffet restaurant. I am lucky to work with the most amazing chefs. We have many themed evenings focusing on sustainability like: “Zero Food Waste” nights. The concept came to us because during a busy week in the restaurant, we were supposed to have a wine tasting night with a set menu, but it was cancelled and we had therefore surplus food that we could not use for the standard à la carte menu. So instead of discarding the foods, we made a special menu for 40 people. Slowly we showed the people that we are professionals, and that we do not only care for good quality, but also for the simple ingredients that we prepare. After this experience, I decided to promote the idea as a personal project:

I opened an Instagram page only for the food that I cook at home. As a challenge, I always use the food that I have at home, from the pantry or fridge, or what vegetables or fruits I find in my garden.  I study the ingredients, understand them, and try to see, what Romanian traditional dishes I can make and how can I add a personal twist to that food.  I have to push the boundaries to discover what new flavors I can add, but still respect the ingredients.

Another social media project that I started to support the awareness of my project was a personal blog (to use as a reflective tool). A blog where you will not see traditional dishes, proportions, and boring stories about how much thickening agent you should add. It’s a blog where you will read all the emotions that a chef can have. How many times will a cook question himself or herself during their career! It is a blog where you will read my connection with nature and food, how important it is to find a different approach in the kitchen and the respect that you should have for ingredients.”

I look forward to sharing all of my ideas and recipes with you all through these mediums

https://foodvisionmihai.wordpress.com/  this is my blog

https://www.instagram.com/foodvision_mihai/  this is the Instagram profile

Michael Rat, BHMS 2019 graduate, Post Graduate diploma in Culinary Arts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]